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Marmaris Pamukkale Tours

Daily Pamukkale Tour – One of the most visited tours in Turkey. See this masterpiece of nature attract about two million people each year. The White Terraces of Pamukkale, or in translation – “Cotton Castle” – and the locals call it a miracle of nature. The warm springs spurting out of the ground for nearly 20 thousand years, day after day, created this miracle of nature.

From Marmaris Pamukkale Tours, In addition to its indescribable beauty, these hot springs have healing properties, and since ancient times people have used this place as a hospital. In 2nd century BC, King of Pergamon, Eumenes II, founded Hierapol city (Hierapolis) here, which in later received the status of “the holy city,” thanks to the thermal springs of Pamukkale. You will be able to try the healing properties of the springs yourself.

Pamukkale Cleopatra’s Pool – is part of the Roman baths and the place where the thermal waters come out of the ground. The water temperature here, even during the cold seasons, does not fall below 35°C. After a dip in the pool of Cleopatra, many people forget about their ailments and diseases forever! Every year, the hot springs of Pamukkale attract more and more tourists. For the last ten years, this national park has been the most visited place in Turkey.

Every day, Pamukkale and the ancient city Hierapol are visited by about 5,000 people. Many tourists come for the two-day tours to spend more time in the Pool of Cleopatra, the ancient city Hierapol, and see the sunset on the white terraces. Prior to 1996, few hotels were located directly on the white terraces. This caused great damage because the Hotels in this region used thermal water in their pools. The water, which left all of the calcium in the hotel pools after falling on the white terraces of Pamukkale, but did not bring them any benefit. White cascades began to lose its color directly proportional to the number of tourists in Pamukkale. Since 1996, hotels have been closed and today Pamukkale is protected by UNESCO, which has developed a special program bleaching Pamukkale terraces.

On the way to the excursion, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the history and sights of Turkey. On this tour, you will visit the textile factory “Varol”, which is near Pamukkale.

Tour Information:

Tour Day : Monday, Wednesday,Friday and Saturday

Price Included : Transportation, Full Insurance, Breakfast, Lunch, Introduction, Guidance

Extras : Drinks, Cleopatra pool entry,

Bring along : Swimsuit, Sunscreen, Towel, Camera,

Tour Time : 06:30 to 19:00

Note: We will be meet you at the your hotel and our all excursions pick up and drop back service from hotel included price.

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